Supporting the development of compassionate communities at end of life in Australia.

how does your community support each other with

compassion at end of life?



Learn and share about Compassionate Communities in Australia - A global movement of communities working to improve how we care for one another, especially at the end of our lives. It’s about health and community working together, and everyone having an important role to play.

Share your experiences, discover our resources, and BE PART OF THE CHANGE for a better end of life in Australia.



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resources and toolkits

 ComComHub aims to be the digital home for resources and toolkits for Compassionate Communities in Australia. We have collated some existing toolkits, evaluations and reports that have helped inform Compassionate Communities and death literacy work around the world.


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We believe that stories have the power to generate change.

 The sharing of our collective stories around compassion and end of life add to the collective narrative of Australia’s experience and help inform purpose, direction and vision.

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We’ve created a map of active Compassionate Communities in Australia.


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