Prof Allan Kellehear launched the South West Compassionate Communities Network (WA) via Zoom in August 8th 2018. His message offers encouragement and inspiration for any community groups or organisations considering the Compassionate Communities approach.


what is compassionate communities?

With Australia’s ageing population set to double by 2050, the end of life system in Australia requires collaborative action from health organisations, NGO’s, community groups and individuals in order to see sustainable change.
Compassionate Communities (ComCom) is a global movement for whole community engagement, a way to shift the dialogue and encourage communities to reconsider how care is provided to people who are dying.

The movement originated in Australia in the 1990’s and was pioneered by Prof Allan Kellehear who remains an active ambassador for this work around the globe. We are now seeing Compassionate Communities emerge as an international model of Public Health Palliative Care in action. Innovators in the death and dying sector, The GroundSwell Project, initiated the National Compassionate Communities Forum and ComComHub website in efforts to further the capacity for this movement to grow in Australia.