Taking off in 2019!


It is my new years resolution to prioritise more communication about what we’re up to in this project.
I’m afraid I get easily caught up in the ‘doing’ of the work rather than the sharing but I have come to realise that when it comes to furthering Compassionate Communities in Australia, we all need to be sharing.

It’s hearing the stories of success and struggle happening all around us that will help us navigate the work i our own communities and help to push this movement forward.

The hope for this website, ComComHub, is that is becomes a place where we can house the real life experiences of this work as well as equip and share resources.


As of November last year, each of the 8 GroundBreaker groups that we are working with have publicly launched their intention for Compassionate Communities to flourish in their area. I have had the privilege of being part of these meetings and seeing community members around the country come together to say “We want to make sure our community actively supports everyone who has a life limiting illness or who is caring or bereaved.”

This year we will be pulling together the learning from our National Compassionate Communities Forum groups and our work on the ground in the Blue Mountains, consolidating the learning so we can offer it as a resource to other communities who are keen to get started.
We’ve recently started a webinar series so we are giving a voice to different thought leaders and practitioners who can help inspire us in this work.

I’d love to hear from you too!
Do you have a story or an experience to share? We’re looking for stories of compassion in action, experiences of being held and supported by community in times of crisis.
Share your story here, reading your experience might be really helpful for someone else to hear.

I am on the road visiting Warrnambool, one of our GroundBreaker communities.
I’ll report back on that soon!

ComCom National Lead, The GroundSwell Project

Holly Smith