ComComHub Webinar Series: Dr Kerrie Noonan

ComComHub Webinar Series: Dr Kerrie Noonan



Health and community: Integrating our practices for change

MONDAY DECEMBER 10TH 12:30 - 1:30PM.

Dying well is a social issue, yet there is very little evidence that the social models such as Compassionate Communities have been integrated into end-of-life care practices in Australia. So how might people who are guided by social approaches to dying, death and loss adopt social practices such as compassionate communities? If public health approaches to palliative care develop into a social movement, transformative practice, and emergent leadership is needed.

This webinar will explore:
1. How the strategies used for creating social and cultural change are shaped and influenced by workplace setting (i.e.institutional or community) and death literacy 2. How the ‘siloed’ system of end of life care despite its limitations creates ‘transitional spaces’ that can activate social change practices and activism.
3.How informal or community based work can be invisible to the formal healthcare and deathcare systems even though it was practiced across, within, and around all of the silos of care, at any stage of illness, including post-death work in preparation for funeral and burial.

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